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Pre-Owned Fiat 500L 1.4 Easy

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Easy in the city, quiet on the motorway

Technology makes life simple on the 500L. Clean, safe and fun driving while being enveloped in ultimate comfort is also simple. That is certainly the merit of the new wide architecture that will be shared by the upcoming generations of models and that on the Fiat 500L was calibrated to guarantee top of class performance and comfort. For example, the body has a high level of torsional rigidity - 111,700 daNm/rad - that contributes to optimum control of the geometry.

The new 500L is a car that lets you experience relaxing moments and travel comfortably, also because of the layout of its suspensions - MacPherson up front, torsion beam in the rear - that have been updated to ensure control and comfort at top levels. More specifically, the front suspension with MacPherson architecture has a new anti-roll bar with extraordinary rolling rigidity made with hollow technology that provides increased performance and at the same time reduced weight. The front crossmember is also designed with high rigidity to achieve greater acoustic comfort and to integrate a third load line to improve energy absorption capacity in the case of collision.

One of the new innovations is adoption of a "split" type of shock absorber mounting that transmits the loads to the body through two different routes and therefore get better filtering of the road vibrations, improved acoustics and better efficiency of the shock absorber.

Lastly, the rear suspension has a newly designed torsion axle architecture with a high level of rolling rigidity. This feature lets us save on the weight of an anti-roll bar. Hydraulic bushes were also adopted to improve the car's level of comfort. Last but not least, the rear suspension of the Fiat 500L was further lightened in weight by adopting single tube shock absorbers.

"Lightness" on the Fiat 500L is also weighed in quantity of silence. The need to turn the interior into a muffled sitting room stems from this. External noise does not seep in and the motion of the car as it travels along the road is barely perceptible. To achieve this result, lots of time was spent in the anechoic room and on the proving grounds in over 10,000 hours of tests to reach an articulation index of 72%, a level at the top of its class.


Technological and protective

To guarantee the protection of the passengers, the new 500L combines a body designed according to the most modern criteria with active and passive safety content that ensures its optimum performance, so much so as to be at the top of its category.

Specifically, the new car has a safety cell structure complete with double pillars in front designed in line with current U.S. regulations as far as crash tests and dimensional specifications of the materials used are concerned.

The safety performance was designed by the designers and experts of the Fiat Safety Centre after examining all possible types of impact: front and side impacts, roll-over, pile-up and impacts with pedestrians. Various speeds at which impact may occur were also taken into consideration as well as different types of obstacles and different types of occupants with greatly varying physical characteristics.

The new 500L's standard equipment includes front and window airbags - side airbags and knee bags are available on request - front headlights with DRL (Daytime Running Lights) function and fog lights with the self-adaptive cornering function. The model also comes standard with ABS with BAS (Brake Assist System) and the sophisticated ESC (Electronic Stability Control) that intervenes in conditions close to the limit, when the car's stability is at risk, and helps the driver control it.

The Fiat 500L ESC is equipped with several very useful functions:

ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) system, which optimises traction at any speed, with the help of the brakes and engine management, allowing the Fiat 500L to cope easily on low-grip road beds.

Hill Holder, the system that helps the driver starting off uphill by keeping the brake locked for about 2 seconds, in this way making starting off easier without requiring the driver to press the brake pedal or use the handbrake.

MSR (Motor Schleppmoment Regelung): when there is a brisk gear change in poor grip conditions, the MSR function intervenes, restoring engine torque and preventing the wheels from locking and slipping.

DST (Driving Steering Torque): the system improves both driving safety and handling performance. The active electronic steering carries out corrections automatically and also controls oversteer over surfaces with low grip in all driving conditions.

ERM (Electronic Rollover Mitigation) is the function which intervenes when a wheel leaves the road surface: in fact, whenever an extreme dynamic movement is detected, the ERM helps to restabilise the vehicle and returns control of the car to the driver.

The Fiat 500L combines the iconic nature of the 500 style with the functionality of Fiat's design. Expanded on the concept of 'space efficiency', the new model defies the conventional distinctions owing to its MPV passenger space, the feel of a small SUV on the road and levels of efficiency typical of a compact car. By following this novel recipe, the Fiat 500L combines characteristics peculiar to different classes to offer a concept of distinctive and versatile first car that is an alternative to the traditional saloons of the B and C segments.

After more than 800,000 cars have been sold in 110 countries worldwide, today the 500 has grown up to accommodate new experiences and needs once more. If the 500 is the super-compact car perfect for young people and the city, the Fiat 500L is the first car of the 500 family able to contain the small pleasures and life's greatest emotions all together: children, friends, journeys, music and community.

The Fiat 500L is totally new in the way it expresses its styling individuality, communicates with the outside world and opens its doors to a new on-board experience. The letter 'L' sums up the three dimensions enclosed in the new Fiat solution: Large, meant as functionality and space; Light, when 'lightness' means user-friendly technology and eco-friendliness; and Loft, a trend-setting environment where one can live life to the fullest.

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