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News > β€œCar Design Award 2019” goes to Alfa Romeo Tonale concept car

The “Car Design Award” presentation ceremony, arranged by Auto&Design magazine, was held on the first day of Parco Valentino 2019. The prestigious international competition was founded in 1984, and subdivided into three categories – ‘Production Cars’, ‘Concept Cars’ and ‘Brand Design Language’. This year, Alfa Romeo Tonale secured victory in the ‘Concept Car’ category.

Head of FCA Design EMEA, Klaus Busse said, “We are honoured to receive this coveted award for the design of the Tonale which, like every Alfa Romeo, is inspired by the perfect combination of heritage, speed and beauty. In fact, it incorporates all the distinguishing features of quintessential Italian style and unique Alfa Romeo elements: impeccable sense of proportions, simplicity and superior surface quality finish, for an innovative design that is faithful to a universally appreciated tradition.”

The concept car sports all Alfa Romeo’s trademark language by being a compact SUV for city use, that still has a sporty personality to go with it. The design features Italian style that has been projected into the future, and strikes the perfect combination of heritage and new ideas. Every detail of the car has been designed with the driver in mind, just like Alfa Romeo’s manifesto. It’s full on driving pleasure through ergonomics, premium materials and driving handling like no other. The Tonale takes on new opportunities with state-of-the-art technology.

To embody the design of the future, the Tonale takes on compact dimensions with a unique Italian design and the classic style of an Alfa Romeo. The beauty of human form and the movement of light inspired the design, and several elements are featured to show the brand’s history in a modern approach. To enhance the Tonale’s personality, exclusive details have been made of Alcantara – a material that is known for its contemporary style. This carbon-neutral and made in Italy material also offers a combination of looks and feels. The plain dark anthracite grey roof shows a cock-fit effect of the interiors and has wear-resistance in extreme conditions. It’s a must on high-performance cars. The floor is lined with grey melange Alcantara to give an innovative finish.

To hint at the traditional DNA of Alfa Romeo, the 21-inch ‘teledial’ wheels evoke the concept of a rotary dial phone, with a high-impact interpretation of the circular theme. The style dates to the 1960s when it had a 33 Stradale. The wheels are further enhanced with an exclusive configuration of Pirelli tyres. The side reminisces on the pure forms of the Duetto or the Disco Volante Spider, and the ‘Linea GT’ reiterates the stance and safety showed by the award-winning GT junior. The trademark trefoil and distinctive Alfa Romeo shield is a bold focus point on the front end with the iconic ‘3 plus 3’ light clusters that showcase the look of the SZ and Brera. The rear is softened by an enveloping rear window and a suspended wing eludes a look of completion and continuity with the sunroof. Every Alfa Romeo has a distinctive touch, and the rear light clusters act as a graphic sign over an optical element, while being the sign of an autograph of the artist.

Inspiration for the interior was drawn from the rich Alfa Romeo racing history by eluding passion and drivability in dynamic and powerful shapes. A bold cocktail has been designed around the driver but also gives passengers comfort. The way the design has been done feels like the entire car is about to pounce. The premium choice of premium materials meets the warmness of the leather and Alcantara, while translucent panels and a backlit central tunnel are also found inside. One of the key elements of the Alfa Romeo is the DNA mode selector and is perfectly at ease inside the Tonale. It also offers an inclusive experience with details that are usually reserved with the exclusive trim levels. It boasts a cosy and well-equipped passenger compartment as well.