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News > Fiat Panda scoops 4X4 Magazine’s Best Crossover Award!

Fiat Panda scoops 4X4 Magazine’s Best Crossover Award!

The ‘4x4 of The Year’ 2019 Awards, hosted by 4x4 Magazine has seen the Fiat Panda Cross take top spot in the Crossover category for the second year running!

For more than 25 years, 4X4 Magazine has been defining the 4X4 division with their ongoing awards. An experienced team of experts evaluate all the aspects including comfort, quality, performance, purchase, and ownership costs while determining winners in this class of vehicles.

In a thriving and growing industry, the Fiat Panda took on and won tough competition, for the title of Best Crossover. Together with the roaring engine and fun factor of the vehicle, you could almost say the judges were constantly flattered.

The Fiat Panda comes with a long list of accomplishments, and adds this win to that list. Some include being the first city car that features 4WD technology, the first city car to climb an altitude of 5 200m to reach the Everest Base Camp, and being the first natural gas fuelled car that is manufactured on a large scale.

With over 7.5 million Panda units sold over the year, the Panda has claimed the biggest community base in its segment in Europe since 2004.

Alan Kidd, editor of 4X4 Magazine said, “I don't think there is any vehicle that won its class so consistently down the years, as the Panda Cross. The market has been ever changing, but it has been wonderfully consistent in what it offers - while also getting better all the time."

Kidd continued to praise how the vehicle has been built to be the ultimate all-terrain vehicle, light weight, and well within neat proportions, while being unbelievably easy to manoeuvre and confident on rough ground. Kidd added, “You have to go a long way to find its limits.”

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