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News > The Warrior Spirit of Jeep Newlands

The Warrior Race is proudly sponsored by Jeep. And here at William Simpson Newlands, we are the proud authorised dealership of Jeep vehicles (as well as Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge and Alfa Romeo) to the loyal brand lovers of SA.

So when the new series of Warrior Races was released, we jumped at the chance to take part in South Africa’s largest obstacle course this October. All our mental preparation and physical training didn’t prepare us for the inevitable quantity of ... MUD! The Jeep Warrior Race should have a sign at the entrance stating - “This race is sponsored by Mother Earth - and she’s going to lodge mud in places you never knew you had.”

Jeep Newlands at the Warrior Race
Our William Simpson Jeep Newlands stand was setup and on display to connect with all the passionate Jeep enthusiasts while we took turns completing the course with thousands of others at the Meerendal Wine Estate.

Before we took to the obstacle course, the crowd was revved up at the start. Pumped full of excitement and adrenaline, the crowd of participants headed through the beautiful grounds of Meerendal, past the manicured lawns and onto the course lying ahead.

The William Simpson team was headed by Jarred Eksteen, Warrior Rick and Michael - a trio of force that mastered the course - Jarred even doing it a second time!

The course was a brutal test of our wills and physical capabilities but we forged on, helping each other get through each obstacle - and get through the mud and sweat - victorious! ... (*clears throat) can get quite Roman Gladiator about the whole experience :)

The entire event, from the long treks with splintering wooden logs on our shoulders - jumping into a murky depths of water from a platform that is at an uneasy height - to the sting of our hands and legs and feet and nearly every muscle in our bodies - we pushed on, going that extra mile.

The Jeep Warrior Race not only tested us physically, but it showed that our team at William Simpson Jeep Newlands, has that Warrior Spirit and that we will keep that spirit - making sure we go that extra mile - for all our customers.

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